Diabetic Foot Care

We regularly conduct diabetic foot assessments that help us implement treatment plans that best suit your lifestyle. Our assessments and treatments are in DEMAND and well sought out by GPs who regularly REQUEST our services for people who suffer from diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that can lead to many foot related problems if proper care is not implemented early. Overtime diabetes may cause impaired blood flow, weakening of the nerves (Diabetic neuropathy) or even serious complications like non healing diabetic wounds (Ulcers).

Foot complications arise very commonly in people suffering from diabetes. You may know someone who has lost a toe or two due to diabetes and may be scared it might happen to you! However, you can lower the chances of this happening, with regular checks with your podiatrist, general practitioner, and other specialist.

Podiatrists are highly trained professionals who diagnose and treat many lower limb complications including looking after people with diabetes. They will carry our vigorous assessments to firstly PREVENT any diabetic foot complications from arising and TREAT any existing complications that may be present such us diabetic wound.

At Your Foot And Ankle Clinic we specialise in footwear technology that helps OFFLOAD pressure areas that increase the RISK of developing wounds (Ulcers). We assess your biomechanics (body movement) thoroughly which helps us prescribe and design such footwear that PREVENTS or lowers your risk of developing diabetic wounds.

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